Classes, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


Archery is one of the TOP 5 safest sports and recreational activities according to the National Safety Council’s report on injuries comparing sports and recreational activities. Archery is also one of the best sports activities for people of all ages who have ADD and ADHD as it provides focus, structure, and most importantly… fun!

The Archery Place is home to USA Archery Certified Level 3 NTS Coaches, Level 2 Instructor/Trainers and Level 2 Instructors, along with USA Archery Certified Archery Judges who have many combined years of experiences and techniques that will enable you to become proficient in archery even if you’ve never shot an arrow with a bow before.

The Archery Place encourages families to participate together as this is a great sport designed for everyone ages 8 and up to do together.

We support our area park districts and rec departments, and we have contracted with the districts and rec departments below to provide all of their archery programming. Please visit your area park district to sign up today. The Archery Place also holds special events, classes, and camps directly that may not be offered through the park districts, but we try to include them as much as possible. Please support your local park district for archery and sign up through them today for the next sessions. Classes run every month.
Classes, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL
TAP Workshops, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL

TAP Workshops

The Archery Place will be holding a number of workshops for various subjects. Check back here often for new workshops that are offered and sign up as quickly as possible as space fills up quickly.
TAP Workshops, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL
Camps, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


The Archery Place hosts archery camps throughout the year. Camps are frequently arranged through the local area park districts. Please help to support the area parks and recreation districts and check back often for new camp opportunities.

The Archery Place also holds archery camps and will be available on our Facebook page or on our Events page. Call us for the latest camp information and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Camp ages are 8 through 14, but each park district may vary in their age requirements.

Archery camps include everything that is learned through Archery 1 & Archery 2 Beginner archery level instruction but also adds fun activities each day to work with teamwork skills, individual performance skills, and more knowledge. Achievement medals through USA Archery’s Explore Archery program are awarded for demonstration in each of the lesson areas taught that day. The last day of camp finishes off with a fun Art-chery project to create a T-shirt or canvas.
Scouts, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


Scouting has its perks. The Archery Place is Home to Level 3 NTS Head Coach Kevin Helwig, and The Archery Place is a Preferred Partner with the Girls Scouts of Northern Illinois. Coach Kevin is also an approved Archery Merit Badge counseling for Boy Scouts of America by the Three Fires Council.

Whether a fun troop trip outing, or fulfilling the more intensive archery merit badge requirements, let us help show your scouts what archery is all about.

Scoutleader and Scoutmaster USA Archery Level 2 Instructor Certification is also available to help leaders run effective archery lessons for camps and scouting events.

The Archery Place offers discounts to GSNI and BSA scouts and encourages archery to be one of the fun activities for scouts to participate.
Scout Badges, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL