The Archery Place recently started offering regularly scheduled Special Needs Archery Classes earlier this month.  The classes last about 1 hour, allowing participants to learn the basics and get in some quality shooting time. These classes are designed to be progressive, and not just a one-and-done activity.
The classes are taught by Coach Kevin Helwig who teaches all of the area park district classes, special events, and coaches a Junior Olympic Archery Development / Adult Achievement Club. “Our goal is to offer archery to everyone, and that includes individuals with limited or less than perfect abilities” said Helwig.  “this creates an opportunity to show people what they can do instead of being told what they can’t do. It allows people who have special needs to be included and do things everybody else is able to do, or at least gives a chance to try something they may never had been given a chance to try.”
Helwig explained that archery was a great choice when considering ways to include special-needs residents in sports because of the sport’s individualistic nature. “It teaches mental focus and concentration, hand to eye coordination and stability, and goal setting. The goal being to hit the target center, or even just the target itself. But other goals can be set as well. The goals are practically infinite.” he said.
Archery is a sport with many benefits and doesn’t require being a great athlete. It doesn’t require expensive equipment, it’s safe. Best of all, it’s a lifelong sport that almost all age groups can do individually or together that’s a lot of fun.
To get more information for Special Needs Archery classes, contact The Archery Place in Montgomery, IL at 844-910-6100 or email