Archery is an exciting sport that appeals to those wanting to develop or sharpen their hunting or target shooting skills.  As with any sport, the quality of the equipment is an important part of the experience that provides great fun and success in the endeavor.  At The Archery Place in Montgomery, coach Kevin Helwig offers advice to anyone considering purchasing their own bow.
“After taking archery classes and learning the basics, many of our customers decide to purchase a personal bow,” said Helwig.  “Overall, it comes down to personal preference and deciding how the bow will be used.  Archery is progressive, so you can start with affordable equipment and then upgrade or add to your bow arsenal later on.  Because of the variety available, many archers buy more than one bow.”
Developing shooting and hunting skills takes time, patience, and dedication to the sport.  “I recommend that people try different bows to see what is most comfortable,” explained Helwig.  “Recurve bows fit just about anyone, and are lightweight and easy to use.  Maintenance is DIY, and they’re super easy to care for.  Recurve bows have variable draw weights, and come in take-down and one-piece versions.  The take-downs come apart and fit into a small case for transportation or storage; the one-piece bows need less maintenance and are more durable.”  The downside is that the draw weights aren’t adjustable, making the bows more difficult to sell.
An alternative is the compound bow, which is designed for high speeds and hard arrow impact on the intended target.  “Technological advancements make them three times faster than a recurve bow, with less physical force required by the archer,” said Helwig.  “They also have pinpoint accuracy, depending on the accessories installed.”  Compound bows are quieter, and many are highly adjustable.  They require more maintenance, however, and are more expensive than recurve bows.  For more information about archery equipment, please contact:
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