After another unrelenting winter, it’s understandable to have the feeling that you have “ants in your pants.” After all, you’ve likely spent the past few months cooped up in your house because it’s simply too cold to go anywhere. And the moments where you’ve been forced to abandon your cozy home have been nothing but miserable as you’ve fought through blizzards and hazardous road conditions. Long story short: you’ve earned a summer season full of excitement and adventure. 


While there’s nothing wrong with indulging poolside or planning countless backyard barbeques all summer long, this is also the perfect time of year to fall in love with a new activity: archery. The Archery Place has plenty of opportunities for you to explore a new hobby, a hobby that will not only keep you engaged all summer long but, can keep you entertained when the summer months have long passed (yes-even in winter).


Archery is not only an exciting sport, but it is also among the safest, especially when you have USA Archery Certified Level 2 and 3 NTS coaches to show you the ropes! Their level of expertise will give you the confidence to become a master archer in no time at all.


Want to pass along your love of archery to the whole family? Consider enrolling your children into an archery camp this season! Camp sessions are available for students ages 8-14; each day not only builds on lessons learned through The Archery Place’s comprehensive instruction classes, but also includes additional activities and challenges. Your young archery enthusiast will also have the opportunity to receive daily achievement medals through USA Archery’s Explore Archery program.

Although the long-anticipated summer season is just getting started, unfortunately, another frigid winter will be back in Illinois before we know it. That’s why it’s crucial to take advantage of the beautiful weather, get out of the house, and try new and exciting things. The Archery Place prides itself on providing exemplary customer service and unmatched archery experience. To discover more about our summer activities and class offerings, please visit our website or call us at 844-910-6100 today. Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on current events, tips, and specials.