August is the time to begin thinking about bow maintenance. Whether you’re getting ready for the upcoming hunting season or switching to indoor target practice, it’s a great time to get your bow checked. Illinois Archery Season for hunters begins in October, and extends until January.
It’s important to make sure your bow or crossbow is ready for a new outdoor hunting or indoor target season, and is able to provide the peak performance you need.
The Archery Place in Montgomery, IL offers pro shop services for archers.  Bows should be checked and serviced at least once a year to ensure they stay in proper working order.  Whether you store your bow until hunting season each year, or you use it frequently for target practice, proper maintenance is imperative for keeping your bow tuned and in top shape.
Archers typically take good care of their equipment, but unless you have a press and the right tools, there are areas of the bow you can’t reach.  String cleaning and re-waxing will ensure your strings and cables stay in great shape.  Removing grit and grime from between the string strands keeps the dirt from damaging the fibers and causing premature wear.  Shooting outdoors in rain, wind, high heat, and extreme cold all influence bow performance.  Fine particles of dirt and debris can enter the cam axles and cam bushings, and get in between cam and wheel spacers, sight threads for your pins, and windage and elevation screws.  Buildup occurs in the spring-loaded mechanisms for drop-away arrow rests and other movable components of the bow.
The Archery Place will perform a safety check and a diagnostic analysis of your equipment, and will make tuning and maintenance recommendations based on the results.  Don’t wait until the fall; get your bow serviced now, so you’re ready for hunting season!  For more information, please contact:
The Archery Place
1725-B Crescent Lake Dr.
Montgomery, IL 60538
Phone:  844-910-6100