Purchasing products online has become commonplace; the process offers convenience, as shoppers can avoid crowds and long lines.  Buying online allows for quicker price comparisons, and can help shoppers locate hard-to-find items.  Many online retailers also offer free shipping.
When shopping for Archery equipment, however, buying online isn't the best method.  "Buying  new or used bows and accessories online doesn't let the purchaser handle the equipment to know if it's comfortable in their hand.  It may be too heavy, or might not feel right," explained Kevin Helwig, owner of The Archery Place.  "Purchasing online doesn't give the buyer a sense of a product's quality, and for a used product, they may wonder if there's something the seller isn't disclosing."
Many shoppers prefer to try out what they're considering purchasing.  They may not want to wait for delivery or pay a delivery fee.  A bricks-and-mortar shop makes returns and repairs easier, and gives buyers a chance to ask questions and to learn from the seller's experience with the product.  Some people have security concerns regarding online payments.
"Archery specialty shops may include free setup and discounts on accessories, range passes, maintenance, and more," said Helwig.  "Shoppers can have access to manufacturers' closeout pricing on brand new, high quality products for the same price or less than those found online."  Closeout products offer a full manufacturer's warranty.
"Archery specialty shops offer knowledge, resources, and experience in the industry," added Helwig.  "Many employees have undergone specific technical training, and are certified Bow Techs."
The Archery Place is committed to providing the best customer experience, and will help you stay within your budget, get your equipment set up correctly, and explain all you need to know, while including great incentives and savings you won't find online.  Call ahead of your visit for even more personalized service.  For more information, please contact:
The Archery Place, LLC
1725-B Crescent Lake Dr.
Montgomery, IL 60538
Phone:  844-910-6100