Anyone age 8 and up can enjoy archery.  Archery is a sport that's been around for awhile; the earliest known existence dates back 5,000 years to ancient Egypt.  "Archery has stood the test of time, and increases in popularity around the globe every year," said Kevin Helwig, owner of The Archery Place in Montgomery.  "There's a version for everyone, whether they prefer competitive shooting, recreational shooting, or hunting."
People with physical, social, and emotional disabilities can learn archery; the sport is listed as one of the top 10 activities for those with ADHD and PTSD, as it requires the participant to focus on each task in a relaxing way.  This can lead to more focus and clarity in day-to-day life outside the range.
"Archery is a versatile sport that can be done year-round, in all types of weather," added Helwig.  "It provides low-impact physical therapy, and promotes confidence and mental focus.  Archery offers various skill challenges besides trying to hit the Bull's-eye, like hitting a variety of targets, making art, improving hand-eye coordination, and getting the lowest score without missing the target."  According to The National Safety Council's statistics on sports and recreational activities, archery is listed as one of the safest activities.
While archery isn't considered a "team sport", it does offer team competitions in the form of special leagues and tournaments, providing camaraderie and cooperation amongst the archers. "Archers build friendships with other archers," said Helwig.  "It's a life sport that can be enjoyed from early childhood through adulthood and into retirement."
Families can participate in archery together, and can forge and rebuild parent-child bonds over time. To experience the fun of archery, and to understand how safe it is, visit The Archery Place in Montgomery.  Call 844-910-6100 to reserve a time to rent a bow, and come check it out!
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