BOW-Mageddon is a fun and fast-paced, action packed dodgeball-like game of archery combat using low draw weight bows and foam head arrows to tag your opponents out of the game. Safe equipment is all provided in an area designed for archery combat. Hide behind large bunkers to protect yourself from your enemies or surprise them in an all out ambush. Best  played with groups of 6 or more. A referee will change things up and play different games. BOW-Mageddon is sure to be one of the most enjoyable archery experiences anyone can get.
 Upgrade BOW-Mageddon to GLOW-Mageddon and play in the arena lit by Black lights and party globes for the ultimate GLOW archery experience for your group or party.

* Did we forget to mention that all this goes on while we play LOUD music? 500 Watts of super LOUD ground-shaking music plays during your battles!


 Think BOW-Mageddon is fun, then the upgrade will surely blow you away and turn your experience into something to remember that will want you coming back for more. It’s GLOW-Mageddon. The newest addition to The Archery Place lineup of fun archery activities. GLOW-Mageddon features an arena flooded with Black light and moving lights that can flash and change colors that adds a little confusion and disorientation for your opponents. Wear Black Light reactive clothing, or white to get even more of the glow effect.

* Nope, didn’t forget… 500 watts of super powered earth-shaking LOUD music plays in here for your battles as well.