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Corporate, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


The Archery Place is a great way to show your employees a great experience and something fun and different to do. Anything from full parties to workgroup outings to special corporate events, the Archery Place can help your company put on a great time for your workers.

The Archery Place has options for you to arrange for special pricing with other local businesses to have food delivered for your event, or you can bring your own. Call us for more information and to make special arrangements for your company function.
Target Angled, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


The Archery Place helps raise funds for your non-profit organization. Being community based and interactive, we can help your organization raise money for that good cause.

The Archery Place will donate a portion of proceeds back to your organization for people who rent equipment and pay for range time during a designated day and time you wish to run your event. All organizations have to be registered as a 501c3 with the IRS and with the Illinois Attorney General’s Charitable Trust Bureau to qualify.

Direct donations for either raffle items, gift cards, or money are not our policy. Please do not solicit for these items. Our goal is to help your organization with it’s financial needs by involving a fun activity for all people and families to participate in and support the sport of archery.

Contact us to Schedule your fundraiser today!
Fundraising, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL
Leagues, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


Every January, new and existing participants and archers are required to complete a range waiver and understand the Range Rules. This document is 2 pages and includes Range Rules that MUST BE initialed for each rule denoting that you have read and understand these rules as outlined along with signing the page at the bottom.
Range Waiver, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL

Leagues Details

December 1, 2019 – February 29, 2020

League Details, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL