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The Archery Place is proud to offer kids the coolest Birthday Party they’ve ever had!

But, let’s not leave the adults out! We’ve held anything from adult birthday parties, group date nights, Bachelor/
Bachelorette parties to Corporate Outings and Holiday Parties. Any reason is a good reason to party at The Archery Place!

Upon check in at the front desk you will be directed to your private party room which you will have for the entire 2 hours of your party. At your designated party time we will escort your group to the range for your chosen party activity. We only book one party at a time so we can devote our attention to your party needs.

You provide the kids and the cake...we provide the FUN! Parties come with all equipment required, Plus if you book a party with use of our party room you leave all the set up and clean up to us! Party room includes paper plates,
napkins, cups and forks for cake service. If booking a party package that includes pizza and drinks, paper plates and
napkins will be provided for pizza.

All equipment is provided, closed toe shoes and waivers are required. No previous experience is necessary for any of our
activities. We also offer an activity only package and a small group option, please see pricing below for details.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date. (Deposit is applied to your balance on the date of your party)


Recurve Archery, Bow-mageddon, Supershots and Dart-mageddon
Activity Only = $170 for up to 10 participants. Extra Guests-$17 per participant.
Activity + Party Room = $200 for up to 10 participants. Extra Guests-$20 per participant.
Activity + Party Room + Pizza and Drinks = $250 for up to 10 participants. Extra Guests-$25 per participant.
Upgrade Recurve to Compound = $5 more per person or Recurve to Crossbow = $10 more per person.
Add-Ons available - Candy cups to Supershots or Candy Balloons to Recurve = $3 per person.

Activity only or Activity + Party Room = $250 for up to 10 participants. Extra Guests = $25 per person
Activity + Party Room + Pizza and Drinks = $300 for up to 10 participants. Extra Guests = $30 per person

Small Groups (6-9 participants) *excludes Art-chery*
Activity Only = $20 per participant
Activity + Party Room = $25 per participant
Activity + Party Room + Pizza and Drinks = $30 per participant


DART-Mageddon Party!

Want an EXTREME party experience? If you’re looking for an action-packed birthday party idea for your child, we can help!

This party is ideal for ages 5 to 12. You and your guests will have a great time playing Dart-Mageddon in an area designed for combat. A Party Coordinator will lead games and activities. Hide behind bunkers and blinds to protect yourself from your enemies or surprise them in an all out ambush. Getting in some target practice, and battling it out with your friends are part of the

Our Dart-Mageddon party gives kids an opportunity to jump, yell, shoot, and battle until they’re happily exhausted.

They’ll go home tired and happy!


Supershots Party!

Supershots is a program designed for 5 to 7 year olds to participate in Archery. Supershots uses low draw weight bows made for left handed or right handed young archers, and soft foam tipped arrows.

Supershots introduces youngsters to archery while learning some of the safety concepts and range rules that all shooters abide by when on the range...shooting form, standing at the line, drawing the string back and having a lot of fun shooting at evil minions taking over a comic book style city-scape.

Supershots is a great party option that allows safe archery with all their friends in a safe environment thwarting those evildoers from conquering the city. It’s SUPERSHOTS to the rescue!!

Add candy cups for extra fun and excitement! Cups w/candy are placed on boxes toward the end of your range time for the kids to knock over. Min. 10 / Max. 24


Archery Party!

Archery parties or group outings are a great way to celebrate with something different to do. It’s a fun sport and everyone has a great time.

The Archery Place has different bow types that can be selected for your party or group outing, or can be mixed and matched according to preference. Types of equipment are Recurve, Compound, and Crossbow.

Recurve and Compound bows start at age 8
Crossbows start at age 12.


BOW-Mageddon Party!

BOW-Mageddon is a fun and fast-paced, action packed dodgeball-like game of archery combat for ages 8 and up. Using low draw weight bows and foam head arrows, tag your opponents out of the game. Safe equipment is all
provided in an area designed for archery combat. Hide behind large bunkers to protect yourself from your enemies or surprise them in an all out ambush. A referee will change things up and play different games. BOW-Mageddon is sure to be one of the most enjoyable archery experiences anyone can get. Upgrade BOW-Mageddon to GLOW-Mageddon and play in the arena lit by Black lights and party globes for the ultimate GLOW archery experience for your group or party.

  • Did we forget to mention that all this goes on while we play LOUD music? 500 Watts of super LOUD ground-shaking music plays during your battles! (volume can be adjusted depending on party needs and bring your own playlist if you’d like and pair to our Bluetooth speaker)

ART-chery Party!

The Archery Place crosses archery with art for those who wish to try a new form of creativity. We offer the opportunity to select your colors, test your archery skills, and put the two together to create a one-of-a-kind work of splatter art on either canvas or T-shirt. Bonus! Our NEON colors glow under black light.

Your T-Shirt also doubles as a discount pass. When you come to The Archery Place and you’re wearing your Art-chery shirt, enjoy 10% off range access, bow rentals, and purchases of sale items.
(discount not applicable to concession items)
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