Archers PREPARE TO SHOOT ahead of time and complete the TAP waiver in advance online.
Waivers for new and existing shooters is required every January 1st each year.
Do it today and get it out of the way !!

 The Archery Place is the only dedicated dual indoor archery facility in the Chicago area. Each range shooting distance is 20 yards, but also has marked 10 yard lines as well. Each range has tables and chairs available for shooters and observers. Both ranges are brightly lit with high brightness and efficient LED fixtures.
 The Archery Place is video monitored for safety, and Range 2 has a video monitored area dedicated along the side for shooters to unbox their gear and prepare for shooting, and enough space to keep those items out of the main aisle and off the floor and tables.
 The target wall is made of American Whitetail, Inc. HybriMAT Extreme 4 range targets and is capable of stopping crossbows at 360 fps. All crossbows can use our newest 2019 American Whitetail, Inc. STRIKE 500 targets on a roll-around capable of handling 500 fps for those Ravin, TenPoint, Killer Instinct, Barnett, and other heavy hitters. There are also two roll-around HybriMAT Extreme 4 targets available for varied distance shooting, or for smaller archers that can’t quite get their bows to shoot the full 20 yard distance.

 With 2 ranges available, even when we run classes, camps, parties, or other special events, there’s another range available for use. Walk-ins with your own equipment are welcome and there shouldn’t be an issue finding a spot to shoot. The Archery Place does get crowded at times, so please feel free to call ahead and check on capacity.