2019 Darton Archery is here

Lightning XT (Kryptek Typhon)
Maverick XT (Kryptek Typhon)
Tempest-eT (Blue Riser / White Limbs)
Tempest-e3D (Purple Riser / White Limbs)

2019 Obsession Bows

FXL (Nickel Powder)
Turmoil RZ (Moss Green, Black, Desert Tan)
Hashtag (Black, Camo, Blue Wing Teal, Stars and Stripes)

2019 Ravin Crossbows

R26 - 400 feet per second
R29 - 430 feet per second
Trial fee applies and is deducted from your purchase, otherwise you have to pay to play!! These bows start at $1999.99 and go up. Ravin crossbows are serious crossbows for the serious crossbow owner.
The Archery Place has a number of dealer only and supply resources available to fit almost any archer’s needs. Listed below are some of the brands we carry and resources we have available to find you the right product at the best price possible. We also have a number of discounts available for TAP Art-chery shirt wearers, First Responders, and members of our Armed Forces both veteran and active duty.


Archers PREPARE TO SHOOT ahead of time and complete the TAP waiver in advance online.
Waivers for new and existing shooters is required every January 1st each year.
Do it today and get it out of the way!
Range Waiver, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL
The Archery Place is the only dedicated dual indoor archery facility in the Chicago area. Each range shooting distance is 20 yards, but also has marked 10 yard lines as well. Each range has tables and chairs available for shooters and observers. Both ranges are brightly lit with high brightness and efficient LED fixtures.

The Archery Place is video monitored for safety, and Range 2 has a video monitored area dedicated along the side for shooters to unbox their gear and prepare for shooting, and enough space to keep those items out of the main aisle and off the floor and tables.

The target wall is made of American Whitetail, Inc. HybriMAT Extreme 4 range targets and is capable of stopping crossbows at 360 fps. All crossbows can use our newest 2019 American Whitetail, Inc. STRIKE 500 targets on a roll-around capable of handling 500 fps for those Ravin, TenPoint, Killer Instinct, Barnett, and other heavy hitters. There are also two roll-around HybriMAT Extreme 4 targets available for varied distance shooting, or for smaller archers that can’t quite get their bows to shoot the full 20 yard distance.

With 2 ranges available, even when we run classes, camps, parties, or other special events, there’s another range available for use. Walk-ins with your own equipment are welcome and there shouldn’t be an issue finding a spot to shoot. The Archery Place does get crowded at times, so please feel free to call ahead and check on capacity.
Technical, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


The Archery Place offers full service technical repairs and maintenance for recurve, compound, and crossbow equipment. Using some of the latest technical laser and bubble tools available, you are ensured that your bow is setup properly for you. Our work is not completed until you say it is.

The Archery Place technical staff has been trained by some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry and has some of the best resources available to make sure your bow performs they way it was designed, and the way you expect.
We will be able to work on your equipment regardless where you purchased it.

Stop in for a checkup. The Archery Place will perform a low cost safety and diagnostic check of your equipment, and should you require service and have us perform the work and order any necessary components, we will waive the diagnostic fee.
Service Fallback, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL
Rental, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL



If you need to rent any equipment you HAVE TO make an appointment

Recurve Bow, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


Recurve bows are available for rent. We have different sizes for different heights of people and we keep the draw weights low so even small children can enjoy archery.

If you’ve never been to The Archery Place, your rental includes a safety instruction, common range rules, an instructor to show you a short lesson on how to shoot, and maybe even a tip or two to help get that Bullseye!

*Minimum age is 8 to rent and use real bows and arrows at The Archery Place
Compound Bow, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


Get the feel of a compound bow for a small upgrade fee. Compound bows provide for a different feel of shooting an arrow than a recurve and are noticeably faster than recurve bows. Each compound is custom sized for the shooter, so a few extra minutes is required to set it up for you.

If you’ve never been to The Archery Place, your rental includes a safety instruction, common range rules, an instructor to show you a short lesson on how to shoot, and maybe even a tip or two to help get that Bullseye!

*Minimum age is 8 to rent and use compound bows and must be able to lift 4 pounds with one arm outstretched and pull back a string at 20 pounds
Crossbow, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


Always thought about a crossbow? You can rent one from us to try it out. Designed with lower draw weight and a lighter weight composite construction, our crossbows are designed for ease of use.

You get a short crossbow safety instruction and some supervised use before continuing on your own as the crossbow has different safety aspects to its use. Once completed, you will get a special pass that allows you to rent a crossbow again without additional safety instruction. Only to The Archery Place where we do allow crossbows.

*Minimum age requirement for crossbow use is 12 years old due to increased personal safety and safety of others. Crossbows are significantly heavier than recurve and compound bows. Must be able to bend down and pull up 30 pounds and hold 5 pounds with an outstretched arm
DISCLAIMER & REQUIREMENTS: Every participant that intends to shoot any bow at The Archery Place must have a waiver on file. If you do not have a waiver on file, you will be asked to complete one upon arrival. Waivers are renewable each year on January 1st and are good until December 31 each year. Waivers only need to be completed once per year PER PERSON. Ages 8 and up through adult are allowed to use real bows and arrows on The Archery Place property. All shooters MUST wear closed-toed footwear if shooting. Sandals, flip-flops, or any other footwear that exposes the toes or upper part of the foot are not recommended. It is not recommended to wear dangling jewelry that cannot be removed or tucked away inside clothing. It is not recommended to wear clothing with hood ties that cannot be tucked away, loose flaps or zippers. Scarves cannot be worn while shooting. All long hair should be tied back or banded out of the way. Bracelets, watches, and other medical devices are ok to keep on as long as they do not interfere with the bowstring movement so as to not cause damage to the bow or injury to the shooter.
Consignment, The Archery Place, Montgomery, IL


Thinking about what to do with that old bow in the basement? Wanting to maybe upgrade this year and not sure what to do with your old bow? Don’t have time to sell it online yourself?

Let The Archery Place help by having you display your gear in our sales area and exposed to hundreds of people who visit our facility. We also have those items listed below of what’s currently available.

Call today to ask for more information about our consignment service or place an offer in on one of these amazing bows. All of these items are shown here for other owners. The Archery Place does not warranty these items. We simply negotiate between you and the seller.

Check out below what we currently have in the showroom. Select the image to make it larger.