Supershots is a program designed for 5 to 7 year olds to participate in Archery. Supershots uses low draw weight bows made for left handed or right handed young archers, and non-lethal arrows.  Supershots introduces youngsters to archery while learning some of the safety concepts and range rules that all shooters abide by when on the range. 
 Youngsters learn some basic principles of shooting form, standing at the line, drawing the string back and having a lot of fun shooting at evil minions taking over a comic book style city-scape.
 Supershots is a great young person party option that allows safe archery with all their friends in a safe environment designed for youngsters to do archery too and have a lot of fun thwarting those evildoers from conquering the city.

Become a superhero archer and save the city. It’s SUPERSHOTS to the rescue!!